About Us

Club Aim

To provide an organisation for the mutual interests and benefit of the members and promote, foster, enhance and grow the sport of freshwater fishing while being an advocatory for the protection and preservation of all fresh waterways fauna and flora to benefit all present and future generations of New Zealanders. And provide a facility to be used as a club house as a focal point to create a sense of belonging to benefit all members and advancement the Club objectives. 

Club Objectives


  • Promote trout fishing as a healthy, safe, educational, and environmentally friendly individual and family outdoor sport.
  • To maintain a close liaison and working relationship with the Wellington Fish & Game Council as the administrative authority of the area.
  • To obtain and retain the goodwill and understanding of farmers and other property owners by using access points as established by Fish & Game New Zealand unless the land owner’s permission provides for otherwise.
  • Undertake community projects which enable the Club to demonstrate educate and encourage participation by the public and prospective anglers to take up the sport of trout fishing.
  • Provide training and support by experienced anglers for all Club members with the emphasis being on the inexperienced anglers of all ages to develop skills in the sport of trout fishing.
  • Provide a club facility where club Members and prospective anglers are welcome to observe club activities on and off the water.
  • Hold club nights monthly for Club Members and prospective anglers to experience, learn, and fellowship with likeminded anglers.
  • Hold fly tying workshops monthly for education on aquatic fauna and flora and develop fly tying skills and general trout fishing knowledge.
  • Provide a media library for education to support and advance individual knowledge and skill in the sport of trout fishing.
  • Make available buddy fishing companion/s to advise, demonstrate, support and teach on all aspects of fly and lure trout fishing.
  • Have available trout fishing equipment to loan prospective angles to experience hands on trout fishing.
  • Give support to other angling clubs and organisations whose aims and objectives are in harmony with those of the Manawatu Freshwater Anglers Club.



The club boasts an up-to-date and extensive library of fishing books, magazines, videos and DVDs available to all members.







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